Online Commissions

Commission slots are OPEN. If you’re interested in having me draw a character (or two…) for you, please read on, take a look at the gallery below to see examples of my work, and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Commission Gallery

☆ Lauren wanted me to design a little rabbit (reminiscent of the Matrix’s white rabbit…only cuter :D) tattoo for her and I must say I’m thrilled. First time designing body art.

Commissioned by Beatrice, and also – with her permission – available as a color print!

Go check out Beatrice’s super sexy lingerie and novelty stores online or in person: Bizzy B, 6548 & 6550 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028.

Rush surprise order from John who wanted to surprise Tess on their wedding day. (Once again, congratulations!) The framed painting was even sitting by the cake during the ceremony. 😀

A fantasy portrait for Florence , who gave me the following character design puzzle to solve: African queen, exotic, wings, big hair, colorful shawls and lots of jewelry.

My first commission, for the talented and lovely Nadiah and Tracy. The piece represents their duality and cool double threats as both clothing and jewelry designers. See their website:

Things to know before emailing me:

Depending on the complexity of the requested piece, completion of the piece will take more or less time. Please be patient!

☆ I do best when drawing characters and depicting relationships of some sort.
☆ Yes, I will do tasteful nudity (both men and women), sensuality and some erotica.
☆ Sorry, I won’t do anything pornographic (but do ask yourself just how much you can get away with erotica ;D)
☆ I reserve the right to decline fanart commissions.
☆ I reserve the right to refuse any request.
☆ Please do not commission me if you cannot pay for the commission immediately!
☆ PAYPAL is my preferred method of payment.


As the original artist, I retain rights to the commissioned work unless prior arrangements are made. This means I can make prints and other merchandise out of the commissioned piece. In the case of personal portraits, I will automatically ask you (the commissioner) for permission.

The process:

1. Email me! If I accept the request, we’ll start discussing concepts and descriptions.
2. I do a rough sketch and show you. At this point, I’ll ask for a deposit, which should be about half of what you’ll be paying for the entire commission.
3. I go ahead and complete the commission. You pay me for the rest and $7 shipping (if applicable)
4. I mail you the piece, or email it to you if it’s online-only.


☆ Pencil
1 character pencil sketch $50~100 (price increases with complexity of piece and time spent on it)
2 character pencil sketch $100~150

☆ Color
1 character in color (CG or traditional media) $100~200
2 characters in color (CG or traditional media) $200~350

Fees will also increase with any additional character or background. We can talk about it and determine an estimate.


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