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Image Licensing

Some of my artwork may be available for licensing. Please email any inquiries with your company and product information.


I do not allow free usage of my images for sig tags and tubes. However, some of my artwork will soon be available to hobbyists through an image licensing company. Please be patient!


Fansites — Want to display my stuff on your website (non profit, that is)? On your blog? You’ve just made me the happiest person on earth. This being said, if you remove an image from my site, your must leave my name, url and copyright symbol on the image. Or if you’d rather use the smaller, unmarked pictures, you can do that too, though I’d really like to have a link back to my site, and/or credit given to myself as follows: “© Celine Chapus”.

To clarify, just make sure you:

-Have my copyright information on the image.
-Do not alter my image in any way.
-Do not hotlink, please! Save the image on your hard drive first. Thank you. ^_^

Icons — You may also make livejournal/greatestjournal/etc icons provided you credit me in the icon description area . Again, “© Celine Chapus ” should do. Thank you so much for your understanding!


All images and illustrations on this site have been registered at the US Copyright Office . This means all my work has been protected by law, and I have the right to civilly sue infringers. No one but me, or licensed users, may modify and/or reproduce my work in order to sell it. I’ve heard enough horror stories from fellow artists and seen all sorts of online abuse (illegal copies of artwork being sold on eBay hasn’t gone out of style, it seems), and I’m very serious about protecting my art. At the risk of sounding harsh to some–art thieves, please do yourselves a favor and think twice before stealing someone else’s work.

You can visit these links for more information on copyright:

~U.S. Copyright Office


Buying a print or any other illustrated product does not give you the right to reproduce or redistribute it. You are buying the item, not the rights to the artwork, which remain with the artist–in other words, me.

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