Bucky vs. the Internet


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In the grand tradition of Peter Parker’s school of dumpster diving, Bucky found this early 2000s relic of a laptop on the sidewalk.Sure, the screen needs to be held together with duct tape. The stolen wifi from the shop downstairs is pretty spotty and only really works when you sit in the southend corner of the room, but Bucky isn’t about to complain. Dial-up was a horrible, never-to-be repeated experience. FURTHER NOTES: The plushie and the shield sticker were part of a goodie bag give-away at the Smithsonian back in 2014. Occasionally, Bucky hallucinates (…or does he) that the little thing comes to lifeand insists on feeding him candy bars. That’s okay, though, because Bucky is really fond of candy bars.


5×7 ($8.00), 8×11 ($15.00), 11×14 ($20.00)

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